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Cape Breton Steelhead Trout

Adelphia Seafood now offers premium, Cold Water Steelhead Trout from Cape Breton Island, Canada.  Steelhead Trout is an excellent table fish easily prepread many ways.  Click here for more information.

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Fresh Fish

Adelphia Seafood keeps a large variety of fresh fish available for you on a daily basis. Special request items are also available on a regular basis to help with your unique needs.


- Member of Carangidae Family
Arctic Char - Member of Salmonidae Family
Australian Sea Bass - Member of Percichthyidae Family
Barramundi - Member of Latidae Family
Chilean Sea Bass - Member of Nototheniidae Family
Sea Bass - Member of Sciaenidae Family
Wild Striped Bass - Member of Moronidae Family
Hybrid Striped Bass - Member of Moronidae Family
Boston Blue - Member of Pomatomidae Family
Bream - Member of Sparidae Family
Bronzini - Member of Moronidae Family
Butterfish - Member of Stromateidae Family
Carp - Member of Cyprinidae Family
Catfish, Freshwater - Member of Ictaluridae Family
Catfish, Ocean - Member of Ariidae Family
Cobia - Member of Rachycentridae Family
Cod, Market - Member of Gadidae Family
Corvina - Member of Sciaenidae Family
Croakers - Member of Sciaenidae Family
Drum - Member of Sciaenidae Family
Eel - Member of Anguillidae Family
Escolar - Member of Gempylidae Family
Flounder - Member of Achiropsettidae Family
Grouper - Member of Serranidae Family
Haddock - Member of Gadidae Family
Hake - Member of Gadidae Family
Halibut - Member of Pleuronectidae Family
Herring - Member of Clupeidae Family
Jersey Blue
Mahi Mahi - Member of Coryphaenidae Family
King Fish
Lake Whitefish - Member of Salmonidae Family
Monkfish - Member of Lophiidae Family
Mackerel - Member of Scombridae Family
Marlin - Member of Istiophoridae Family
Mullet - Member of Mugilidae Family
Perch, Lake Victoria - Member of Latidae Family
Perch, Ocean - Member of Sebastidae Family
Pollock - Member of Gadidae Family
Pompano - Member of Carangidae Family
Porgy - Member of Sparidae Family
Red Fish - Member of Scorpaenidae family
Red Snapper - Member of Lutjanidae Family
Sablefish - Member of Anoplopomatidae Family
Salmon, Atlantic - Member of Salmonidae Family
Salmon, Wild - Member of Salmonidae Family
Shad - Member of Clupeidae Family
Shark, Blacktip - Member of Carcharhinidae Family
Shark, Mako - Member of Lamnidae Family
Skatewings - Member of Rajidae Family
Smelts - Member of Osperidae Family
Spots - Member of Sciaenidae Family
Swordfish - Member of Xiphiidae Family
Tilapia - Member of Cichlidae Family
Tilefish - Member of Malacanthidae Family
Tuna, Yellowfin - Member of Scombridae Family
Trout, Rainbow - Member of Salmonidae Family
Trout, Sea - Member of Salmonidae Family
Trout, Steelhead - Member of Salmonidea Family
Wahoo - Member of Scombridae Family
Walleye - Member of Percidae Family
Whiting - Member of Gadidae Family


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