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New Item!  Ultimate Bread Bowl Dips

    Just in time for Superbowl!  Adelphia is proud to announce the newest addition to our Fresh Made line:  Ultimate Bread Bowl Dips.  Our in-house production chef and worked to create 3 new, delicious dips:  Premium Hot Crab Dip, Hot Crab & Artichoke Dip, &  Clams Casino Dip.  Each is served with a hearty bread bowl.  Stop by today and enjoy your choice of dip tonight!

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    Frozen Items

    Adelphia Seafood offers a complete line of frozen seafood items to ensure you find what you are looking for. Since seafood is so perishable by nature, frozen seafood products can offer premium quality and availability of items.

    For Business
    Adelphia's complete wholesale frozen line of seafood and non-seafood items can be accessed by clicking here.

    For Home
    A large listing of frozen items are available. Please consult your sales associate for availability.


    Frozen Fish & Shellfish

    Basa Fillets Cod Eel Frog Legs
    Cape Capensis Crawfish Escargot Grouper
    Catfish Croakers Escolar Haddock
    Chilean Sea Bass Dover Sole Flounder Halibut
    Salt Mackerel Mahi Mahi Octopus Orange Roughy
    Oreo Dorey Perch Pollock Red Snapper
    Salmon Swordfish Tilapia Trout
    Tuna Whiting Clams Conch Meat
    Alligator Australian Bluenose Crawfish Turtle
    Prawns Oysters Scallops Sardines


    Frozen Shrimp

    Breaded Coconut Stuffed -
    breaded or unbreaded
    Basket -
    Tail Off or On


    Frozen Breaded Items

    Oven Ready Cakes: Lobster, Maryland, Salmon, Shrimp
    Catfish Nuggets Fish Sticks Flounder
    Haddock Oysters Salmon Croquettes
    Scallops Squid Whiting


    Other Favorites

    Chicken Crab Mix Fish Sticks
    Battered Mushrooms Egg Rolls French Fries
    Crab Balls Fish Cakes Hush Puppies
    Mozzarella Sticks Onion Rings Salmon Croquettes
    Salmon Pinwheels    


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