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Fish Room & Kitchen Renovations are Complete!

    Adelphia recognizes the need to stay ahead of the food safety game.  That is why we've rebuilt our fish processing and kitchen production departments from the ground up. Our renovated facility complies with strict product separation which results in a safe food processing environment.

    What Makes Us Different

    Adelphia Seafood encourages a culture dedicated to keeping our customers healthy. Here are the top 11 reasons Adelphia is a leader in quality and safety.


    1. SQF Level 2 Certified!
    2. Employs a dedicated HACCP team to stay up-to-date on all food safety regulations
    3. 100% commitment to food safety & quality
    4. Routine facility audits by both state and third party auditors
    5. Separate production areas for fish processing, kitchen, packaging and shipping
    6. Computerized tracking system of all products and lots
    7. Follow COOL - Country of Origin Labeling
    8. Product shipped on our own fleet of refrigerated trucks
    9. Adhere to strict quality standards when product is received
    10. MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to reduce spoilages and increase shelf life
    11. Accurate product labeling, including ingredients and potential allergens
    12. Require certificate of compliance from all vendors
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