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Adelphia Offers Sustainable Seafood


Sustainability is important to Adelphia Seafood.  By offering a wide variety of sustainable seafood options, we are working to ensure that  future generations can enjoy the same seafood we do today.  Ask your Adelphia Seafood expert for more information on what sustainable seafood choices are available today.  

    Wholesale Seafood for

    Restaurants and Food Service

    From national restaurant chains to white tablecloth dining to the hometown diner, Adelphia has the experience to service all types of restaurants looking for fresh, quality fish and seafood. Adelphia firmly believes that seafood should maintain a strong position on every menu and we can offer quality seafood solutions for every budget.

    Adelphia works one-on-one with you to plan and review your menu, paying attention to food costs and the seasonality of items. This added service ensures that your seafood offerings are timely and offer your customers perceived value.

    Fresh Fish Portions offer you value: Save on labor, eliminate waste, and reduce training. The consistency of the product will maximize profits by helping to control your plate cost.

    Adelphia enhances the freshness and quality of your order by offering you multiple delivery days per week.  Our low delivery minimums allow you to get in what you need, when you need it.

    Adelphia takes pride in the strong relationships we develop with our customers. Contact us to see what we can do to help you meet your seafood needs.

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