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Kids Love to Help Cook

    Looking to introduce your little ones to exciting, new & healthy choices?  Get them involved in the kitchen!  Let them help prepare their own dinner and they will be more willing to try new things!  Many seafood dinners can go from counter to table in under 20 minutes, which also helps keep younger ones tuned in and excited.

    Kids Healthy Choice

    Gus the Guppy: "Seafood is so yummy! I know that seafood is healthy like vegetables but I eat it because it's fun and tastes good too!"

    Seafood is an excellent choice for children ages 3 and up. Healthy and nutritious, make seafood a part of your diet.


    Seafood Nutrition Facts

    (3 oz portions)
    Seafood Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Protein (g) Carbs (g)
    Shrimp 110 2 160 22 0
    Crab 90 1 80 19 0
    Salmon 150 7 160 22 0
    Cod 90 1 50 19 0
    Lobster 100 1 100 20 1
    Clams 63 1 29 11 2

    Need help choosing the right seafood for your child? Adelphia Seafood makes it easy.

    Listed below are some of the top ranking seafood choices kids enjoy. Adelphia Seafood has them all!

    • Wild Alaskan salmon ( High in heart-healthy Omega 3's )
    • Tilapia ( Mild fish that tastes great, not fishy )
    • Shrimp ( America's favorite seafood. Stop in for our Gold Label Shrimp, Product of U.S.A)*
    • Farmed bay scallops*
    • Farmed blue mussels*

    * Alert: If your child has never eaten shellfish before, consult with your pediatrician. Some children may have allergic reactions to shellfish and crustacean shellfish.

    For more great information on seafood choices for your child go to:


    SilverTech, Inc.